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Quick Kitchen Makeovers For The Holidays

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The holidays have rolled around again and many of our customers are saying, not already! Maybe they planned to have a new kitchen ready for this year’s Christmas feast, but time got away. Don’t worry. Even if you only have a few minutes, small changes can have a big impact on the way your kitchen looks. Ranging from instant gratification to a day-long project, here are a few ideas for quick holiday kitchen makeovers:

Replace Cabinet Hardware

kitchen cabinet hardware

The Ivory Lane | Coffee and Pine | Smart Home Kitchen | Farm House Urban | Style By Emily Henderson

We love this one because it’s simple. Even those who fear power tools can probably wield a screwdriver. Pick something that’s your style. Shiny and new? Retro? Maybe special holiday hardware that you will change back after the first of January.

Add a Fresh Coat of Paint

A bigger time investment will totally alter the mood of a room. Do you have a special color you love? Now is the time to spread a color on the walls that makes you happy. Fresh paint always makes everything look cleaner and brighter.

Change Your Lighting Fixtures

Lighting makes a huge difference, especially in an area like your kitchen where being able to see what you’re doing is crucial.  Upgrade your standard builder installed lighting for a custom piece that really fits your style.  From crystal chandeliers to bronze orb lights or glass pendant lights hanging over your island, the possibilities are endless and the end result won’t disappoint!

lighting fixtures

Glass Chandelier | Orb Lights | Glass Pendants | Oversized Lanterns | Glass Bubbles | Caged Spotlights | Contrasting Shapes

Get in The Spirit

Winter days are short and can be bleak. Combat seasonal affective disorder with cheery holiday décor in your kitchen. Hang wreaths in the windows or from the cabinet doors, change out your curtains for something a little more festive and place little pops up cheer around your counters!

christmas decoration

Christmas Cheer | Window Wreaths | Cabinet Wreaths | Christmas Card Display

Upgrade Your Range Hood

florentine range hood

Our Florentine range hood will be the envy of all your guests.

Of course, at Old World Stoneworks we think the best gift to give yourself and your family is a gorgeous new range hood. If you’re ready to give your kitchen the love it deserves, call us today and we’ll help make your holiday home even more memorable.

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