Make a Wreath to Hang Above Your Mantel

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Wreaths are a favorite symbol of the holiday season. Hang one on your door, and it provides the first welcome to your visitors. They’re fun decorations because while traditional, they can easily be personalized for your family and home.

If you want a really special wreath this year, consider making one yourself. If you have kids and/or crafty friends, why not host a wreath-making get together? All you need is holiday music, a plate of Christmas cookies, a table of art materials, and the scene is set for a memorable crafternoon.
christmas cookies
Cookies fuel the wreath-making party.

Wreath Forms

If you have the Martha Stewart gene, you might want to make your own wreath form. The rest of us will go to the craft store. There you’ll find wreath forms made of wire, straw, chipboard, and Styrofoam in various sizes and shapes. A few tips on form:

  • If you favor a rustic look, consider choosing the straw form and leaving it partially uncovered.
  • If you plan on a lightweight, fabric-covered wreath, Styrofoam should work.
  • Pick green Styrofoam if you want it to blend with faux greenery
  • Wire forms can hold more weight – such as fruit – especially if you choose a double wire form.
  • Chipboard forms allow you to start with a flat surface.
  • For an innovative wreath, pick a square form.
  • Spray paint your form with metallic gold for extra glitz.

pinecone wreath
Pinecones and acorns give this wreath a natural look.

Adorning Your Wreath

Depending on your chosen materials, you’ll need glue and/or wire for attaching things to your wreath form. Here are a few ideas for adornment:

  • Holiday fabrics, garlands, bows, and ribbons
  • Real greenery, such as evergreen trimmings from your local Christmas tree lot
  • Faux greenery
  • Dried flowers, artificial flowers
  • Glitter or sequins
  • Pinecones and acorns
  • Leaves or shells
  • Citrus fruit, plastic fruit

pine branches
Pine branches make a classic wreath.

Perfumed wreaths

When building your wreath, consider the way it smells, not just how it looks. If you incorporate pine boughs or eucalyptus into the design, you’ll naturally perfume the room. Or, you can help nature along by buying cinnamon-scented pine cones, or scenting your wreath with essential oils or putting a diffuser in the same area. On Etsy, you can even buy an essential oil called Christmas Wreath, which is made with pine and spruce.

Hanging Your Wreath

That beautiful wreath deserves pride of place, right above your mantel. Did you remember to pick up a wreath hanger from the craft store? Good. But if not, you can fashion one out of an old wire hanger.

Wreaths can last a long time. Or, if you decorated your wreath with fresh pine boughs and citrus fruit, the pleasure is ephemeral and you may find yourself crafting a new one next year. Either way, we hope you take time in front of the hearth enjoying your new wreath. And if we can help make your hearth a more enjoyable place, don’t hesitate to give your friends at Old World Stoneworks a call.
christmas fireplace mantel
From our family to yours, we are wishing you a Merry Christmas!

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