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July 23rd is National Parents’ Day – Show Mom & Dad You Care

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Did you know that the third Sunday in July is National Parents Day? In 1994, President Bill Clinton signed a resolution dedicating this day to “recognizing, uplifting, and supporting the role of parents in the rearing of children.”

Celebrants like to stretch this definition to include other parent figures beyond biological moms and dads. These could be godparents, stepparents, aunts, uncles, legal guardians, father figures and second moms who helped shape you. So, take a moment and reflect on your own life. Who loved you, supported you, and cheered you up when you were down? Provided hugs, wisdom, and motivation? Helped shape your values and goals? Now is the time to thank and celebrate them. Here are a few ideas:
parents at graduation
Photo courtesy on Flickr: Parents help us succeed.

A simple card

Cards aren’t expensive or flashy. But your heartfelt words of gratitude go a long way to make a parent feel appreciated. Be brave – opt for a blank card and tell them how they’ve affected you in your own words.

Surprise decorations

At Old World Stoneworks, we are unapologetically mantle-obsessed. So we like to surprise loved ones with themed mantle takeovers. Why not break out all your favorite snapshots of your parents and you, starting from early childhood, and cover their mantle? Put the best ones in frames, and intersperse with bud vases with their favorite flowers. A “World’s Best Parents” banner hanging from the mantle’s underside is a nice finishing touch.

A special gift

You probably know your parents’ taste in gifts better than anyone. Art? Tools? A new plant? Home décor? If this is the year for a big surprise, consider upgrading your parents’ home with a new mantle for the fireplace, or a gorgeous range hood for the kitchen. These gifts are guaranteed to make your parents smile and think of you every time they light a fire or cook dinner.
majorca mantel
Our Majorca mantle helps make any home happier.

However you decide to celebrate, happy National Parents Day from your friends at Old World Stoneworks. Our entire staff wants to thank all those people who helped raise us, shaped our values and contributed to our success.

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