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January is National Sunday Supper Month

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Back when the world moved at a slower pace, Sundays were a day of rest, capped off with a family meal. Since Sunday is a school/work night, this meal often served as a combination of lunch and dinner and took place in the late afternoon. It was a time when different generations of family and friends sat together, sharing food, stories, jokes, and wisdom.
family style dinner
Nowadays, with busy schedules and more screen-time than face-time for the average family, Sunday dinners have become a rarity. But some young people are trying to revive this family tradition. Isabel Laessig, a mother of four and owner of the Family Foodie blog, spearheaded a movement to bring back Sunday supper. And she even got January designated as National Sunday Supper Month. So, if one of your resolutions for 2018 is to spend more time with loved ones, why not help revive this tradition in your home?

Tips for Sunday Supper

Sunday supper is more about experiencing time with your family than impressing guests and making everything perfect. So instead of thinking about a seating arrangement or complicated appetizers, keep it simple. Casseroles, salads, fresh bread, and/or a big pot of soup are all good candidates, depending on your family’s tastes. Plan to serve the food buffet or family style.
Since this is supper, not a cocktail party, you want to have enough chairs and table space for each guest. Think about how many you can comfortably seat at your dining table. If you have a card table or counter seating, feel free to fill those seats as well. Keep things interesting by allowing family members to invite a guest, space permitting.

Let everybody help. Guests can bring a dish, help prep and cleanup. Make sure they take home leftovers, especially if your family won’t be able to eat them all.

If you’re on social media, you can follow the #SundaySupper hashtag on Instagram for mealtime tips. Tag your own photos #SundaySupper and you may even win a prize in the National Sunday Supper Month Photo Challenge.

Combine the meal with another activity, depending on the weather and guests’ ability. If the day is fair, take a walk or play bocce or another simple game on the lawn. Wet and chilly? Light a fire and play a board game or do a jigsaw together in front of the hearth. At Old World Stoneworks, we think the best quality time is that spent with loved ones lingering near a warm fire.
taunton mantel
Play a game in front of our Taunton mantel, complete with cheery fire.

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