Decoration Inspiration: Hot Fireplace Design Ideas

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Hot Fireplace Designs

Timeless designs all start one way, through trying and testing. Give your home design a refresh by trying something new and turning a trend into a classic design, simply by implementing it the right way into your current home. Let’s turn to some fireplace trends that are sweeping homes across the nation for some inspiration.

Trending Fireplace Designs

Heat up your winter with the hottest design trends as you redecorate or recreate your fireplace mantel. As the design focus for many rooms in the house, fireplace mantels have come a long way from just warming up a room. Keep the following hot trends in mind as you think of ways to refresh your home:

Precious Metal for Royal Designs. Gold is coming back in a major way. Although the metal is making a return, people are loving it more for what it represents: an old-world and regal charm. Embrace this neo-traditional trend with an unabashedly feminine yet royal design of the Berkley cast stone mantel.

However, adding a touch of gold to your fireplace mantel is a beautiful way to literally interpret this timeless classic. Offset the hard metal by bringing in some natural touches like garlands and tree bark. Adding an ornate gold-framed mirror can also add a touch of class and make a room look larger.

Gold Fireplace Designs

Large Gold Frame Mirror / Golden Garland / Gold Mirror with White Lilies

Contemporary Designs are a great way to meet in the middle. This trend allows modernists and classical lovers to agree on a style that is not only on trend, but versatile as well. A contemporary fireplace mantel like the Conrad can easily work with your home’s design, whether you want to make a drastic or subtle change. Complement this simple change with even smaller additions or changes to make a big and visual impact. How? Add patterned fabric to your windows or furniture, pops of color around your mantel or even an eye-catching accent wall.

Colorful Fireplace Designs

Turquoise Mantel / Shades of Blue / Sage Green Accents / Yellow Ranunculus

These are only two examples of simple ways you can update the design, look, or the concept of your whole room. Whether you want to completely renovate your whole fireplace mantel or want to make small changes, like adding accent colors or pieces to change the feel of your room, turn to Old World Stoneworks. Contact us at 800-600-8336 for a consultation and we can help you refine your ideas towards a new and improved space.

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