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Green Home Décor Tips for Earth Day

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At Old World Stoneworks, we pride ourselves on the beauty and elegance of our cast stone mantels and range hoods. But we also care about environmentalism and sustainability.

If you followed along with our recaps of the 37th season of This Old House, like us, you are feeling hyper-aware this Earth Day that everything you do to your house involves a choice. And as the global population swells, eco-conscious choices are more important than ever.

Our association with This Old House exposed us to the eco-forward community of Emerson Green in Massachusetts, which we blogged about in January. This planned housing development is on the cutting edge of green building techniques. We were impressed with their use of solar power, super-insulated and sealed exterior construction, super-efficient heat pumps, triple-glazed windows and other environment and cost-saving features.

Emerson Green

An environmentally-sound house design at Emerson Green in Massachusetts.

Of course, you don’t have to move to Massachusetts to live your life a little greener. Here are some home tips for making every day Earth Day:

Reclaim Lumber

Choosing new furniture? Why not visit an architectural salvage store for something really special? Consider having a table made out of a historic barn door, or using reclaimed wooden benches as seating. You’ll find architectural salvage stores all over the country. In Dallas, Orr-Reed Salvage and Old Texas Wood are just two examples.

Go Modular

Carpets are well-known culprits when it comes to chemical outgassing. Instead of going for a chemical-laden wall-to-wall carpeting, choose modular carpet tiles from eco-friendly businesses like Shaw Carpet or FLOR. These don’t require the toxic padding, are easy to install yourself, and are recyclable when you decide to change your flooring.

Use Sustainable Woods

If you’ve ever planted bamboo – or your neighbor has – you know it grows like crazy. So you don’t need to feel guilty about using sustainable wood, such as eucalyptus or bamboo. These woods make perfectly good kitchen cabinets.


Use sustainable hardwoods, such as bamboo.

Check Your Water Use

Drought conditions improved this year, but according to the Drought Monitor website, southern California and much of the Southeast, including parts of Texas, are still abnormally dry. Help out by installing water-saving showerheads and toilets. Don’t allow your faucets to leak – repair them yourself or call a plumber. And consider an instant, tankless water heater, which saves both energy and money.

Support made in the USA

Cut down on shipping and fuel costs by buying as locally as possible. This includes food, clothing and heavier purchases, such as cast stone mantels and range hoods. Our products are manufactured right here in Texas.

earth day mantel decor

Buy goods that are made in the USA. We manufacture our cast stone mantels, such as the Cambridge pictured, right here in Texas.

Happy Earth Day from all of us at Old World Stoneworks!

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