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Five Famous Fireplaces to See on Your Summer Road Trip

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At Old World Stoneworks, we think no summer trip is complete without a visit to a famous, unusual and/or particularly beautiful fireplace. All of these fireplaces can be found right here in the good ol’ USA, so why not include them on your summer road trip map?

The Biltmore – Asheville North Carolina

The Biltmore estate in Asheville, North Carolina was modeled after an English Palace. We love the enormous mantel and the stunning triple-hearth stone fireplace. Christmas is the best time to visit, when the place is decked out with towering Norway spruces, nutcrackers and a garlanded mantel, but this truly unique fireplace is breathtaking anytime of year. Spend the night, or just stop by to browse the lobby and hotel store.

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White House Fireplaces – Washington, D.C.

The White House contains 28 fireplaces, including one in the State Dining Room adorned with bison heads. Reliable sources, including Eleanor Roosevelt and Ladybird Johnson, reported sensing President Abraham Lincoln’s ghost standing near the Lincoln Bedroom fireplace. Adding a White House tour to your summer trip means you’ll get to see multiple historic fireplaces at one stop!

Frank Lloyd Wright Fireplaces – Oak Park, Illinois

Speaking of multiple fireplaces, Frank Lloyd Wright included at least one fireplace in almost every single one of the nearly 1,000 structures he designed. A true friend of the fireplace, Wright described it as “the heart of the home itself.” At Old World Stoneworks, we could not agree more. Wright favored massive, commanding fireplaces and sometimes included six in a single building. We recommend visiting any Frank Lloyd Wright building that’s open to the public. But it would be especially fun to visit the Frank Lloyd Wright Home & Studio in Oak Park, Illinois to see where the great man lived from 1889-1909. Over the living room “sunrise fireplace” he etched the quote, “Truth is Life.  Good friends, around these hearth stones, speak no evil word of any creature.”

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Elrod House – Palm Springs, California

The giant man cave called the Elrod House will be immediately recognizable to many movie buffs. In 1971, the James Bond movie Diamonds are Forever filmed here. It’s also been called the UFO House because of its circular design. The living room has a sunburst canopy over the circular sofa. Lots of wood, stone and a large, semi-circular fireplace complete the Bond feel. William Holden, Steve McQueen, and Bob Hope once mingled here, and the house still holds a large measure of Hollywood glamour.

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Home Alone Fireplace – Winnetka, Illinois

Movie fans will recognize this fireplace from 1990’s blockbuster, Home Alone. In the movie, the fireplace is all decked out for Christmas, with seven stockings hung on the mantel, and completed by a wreath and garlands. While you may not be able to go inside the house, you can certainly see the home for yourself. The real movie house is a private home in Winnetka, Illinois and was sold in 2012 to a new owner for $1.59 million!

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We wish you fun and safe travels in the coming summer months. If you come across any fabulous fireplaces, please send us photos. And if you decide you want to upgrade your own home hearth, give us a call today!

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