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As our readers know, at Old World Stoneworks we love nothing more than a cozy fire in a beautiful hearth. But we are well aware of the danger and unpredictability of fire. And we are always sad to hear about the losses people sustain in house fires.

Lynn O’Neal is a house fire survivor. After a fire ravaged her home, she had the long and arduous task of rebuilding. Her fireplace was charred, but its integrity was left intact. Lynn kindly allowed us to share her rebuilding process with our readers. This series of photos proves that beauty can come after devastation. We’re very glad that Lynn is okay, her house rebuilt, and that’s she’s enjoying our Amhurst mantle surround.

old fireplace

Here’s what she had to start with, after the debris from the fire was cleaned up.

fireplace process

It looked a lot better after a very thorough scrubbing.

mantel installation

The whole crew pitches in to rebuild Lynn’s fireplace and attach her new mantel.

amhurst installation

The Amhurst, all taped up and adjusting to its new home in Massachusetts.

amhurst mantel installation

Amhurst to the rescue! You can start to see that Lynn willl soon have a beautiful room again.

finished fireplace

Back in business with the fire exactly where it should be. You know when a good time is to review fireplace safety tips? Right now!

amhurst fireplace mantel

Lynn decided to paint the bricks to match her new Amhurst

Ahh, a gorgeous room ready for relaxing and entertaining. We are so happy that Lynn was able to rebuild after the fire, and that she incoproated our Amhurst into her renovations.

The Amhurst comes in cream and buff, with firebox choices of 36×36, 42×42 or 48×48. We offer standard, raised, bullnosed, raised bullnosed and no hearth options.

If you are rebuilding or just upgrading, please call us today so we can help make your hearth its most beautiful.

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