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Easy Fall Decorating Ideas for Your Home

Chilly nights and falling leaves, deep earth tones and pumpkin everything. Here are a few Easy Fall Decorating Ideas to bring the change of season into your home décor.

Enter in Fall Style with Easy Fall Decorating Ideas

Your décor begins before guests even enter the door.  Try lining your porch steps with pumpkins, or hang an autumnal wreath on your front door. Think about adding extra porch lighting for those dark fall nights.

Easy Fall Decorating Ideas porch

Drapes and Rugs for Easy Fall Decorating Ideas

Changing out your textiles is an easy way to switch seasons. Heavier materials invoke the warmth of fall.  How about some luxurious new drapes of washed velvet or raw silk? Fringe, cords and tassels are also appropriate for autumn. Lay down extra rugs in rich colors to take the chill off your hardwood floors.

In the bedroom, it’s time for a heavier down-filled duvet. Use comforters and duvet covers in burnt orange, dark red and sienna. While you’re at it, add some throw blankets to the sofa.

textiles for fall

Textiles in fall colors make a room instantly autumn and pair perfectly with our Brunswick Mantel.

Pillows and Cushions

Switching your pillows is inexpensive and takes hardly any time at all. New sizes and colors are a quick way to change a room’s look, and it’s much more affordable than reupholstering.  Add some cute fall themed throw pillows to your couch like the ones from Housley below and some plump and cozy floor cushions in coordinating fall colors for lounging in front of the fireplace.

Easy Fall Decorating Ideas pillows

Easy Fall Decorating Ideas for Tablescapes

Since the dining table is the focus of so many family gatherings, a new fall tablescape is essential. Bring nature inside with gourds, branches, pumpkins, pinecones, cranberries and even antlers. For something different, use white pumpkins instead of orange.

Choose warm colors for your metal accents. Instead of silver or pewter, think bronze, copper and gold.

white pumpkins and pinecones

White Pumpkins | Pinecones & Neutral Tones | Gold & Glitzy | Pumpkins & Gourds

Perhaps the easiest of all the Easy Fall Decorating Ideas

Easy Fall Decorating Ideas with fireplace Fire and fall go together like hands in cozy gloves. Get a fire going in your fireplace. Light some candles and put them on the mantel and tables. Use aromatic, pumpkin-scented deep orange candles of varying sizes. Or go with classic white tea lights.

Your friends at Old World Stoneworks love autumn! If it’s time for a mantel redo, contact us and we’ll help you make the most of the season. Check out all of our before and afters here for more inspiration.