Biggest Fireplaces in the World

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Part of human nature is being fascinated with things out of the ordinary, items of gargantuan proportions and those that captivate our minds in a creative and awe-inspiring way. For us, we were intrigued by some of the largest fireplaces in the world. Although they are larger than normal, their design and features add luxury to every space, large or small.

Out of this World Ornate

Fit for castles, kings and queens, this fireplace defines royalty. After all, it has a room and sitting area of it’s own, almost bringing the fireplace to life with a reputation as an entertainer to the masses. Although this home is the first house in the United Kingdom and possibly the world to have electricity, the homeowners still relied on the function and beauty of this fireplace to provide warmth and splendor to their otherwise amazing space.

World Ornate Fireplaces


Although the sheer size and design details of this fireplace may be overwhelming, you can bring just as much luxury without the price tag into your home. Fireplaces with similar ornate details can add a sense of elegance without taking over the beauty of your room. Consider the carved Brentwood cast stone mantel and similar designs for an equally jaw-dropping effect.


Large Design with Simple Lines

Large design fireplaces


Found in the Shute Barton House, this fireplace and home are exemplary early Tudor design and style. The fireplace is described as, “…so large that two oxen could be roasted at once.” Even though we are probably more accustomed to trying to make s’mores in our fireplace, this fireplace most likely served as a place to cook feasts while warming the room during cold England winters.


Celtic Designs and Chandeliers

Celtic design fireplace


This fireplace may not compare in size to the others we featured, but it is notable because of its sheer contrast to the contemporary design of the room. The Celtic and old world designs above the mantel are in stark opposition to the traditional chandelier that hangs just a few feet away, but it’s this contrast that ties the room together with an unlikely elegance. If you’ve been looking for a way to incorporate an heirloom or antique design piece, why not try positioning it with your fireplace, already the focal point of a room.


Every room has the potential to exude elegance, luxury or whichever look and feel you want. Simply add a custom mantel or replace your fireplace all together to once and for all, create the room you’ve been dreaming of. Are any of these exceptional designs getting your design wheels turning? What type of designs are you looking for? Take your design ideas a step further by visiting our inspiration gallery.

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