4th of july desserts

7 Ideas for a Fun and Easy 4th of July Party

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Like all holidays, Fourth of July starts in the kitchen. What’s a party without good food? Here are tips for prepping for a smooth and easy party. At Old World Stoneworks, we wish you a happy 4th of July, from our family to yours.

Fun Décor

4th of july desserts

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No matter whether red, white and blue are your favorite colors or your usual decorating scheme, this is Independence Day, so flag motifs and flag colors are crucial. The brighter and more sparkly, the better.

But Add a Touch of Green

If you’re using disposable party ware, look for compostable plates and silverware. If stores in your town don’t offer any, you can find cute and patriotic options online.

Grill Beyond the Meat

grilled veggies
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As the host or hostess, you have the power to offer healthier choices. Sure, your guests will gobble down plenty of hot dogs and burgers, but slice up fruits and veggies for the grill, too. Peppers, eggplant, zucchini and pineapple are all delicious when grilled, and healthy for your guests.

Colorful Spritzers

Keep your guests hydrated with plenty of drinks. Red spritzers made of sparkling water and pomegranate juice are refreshing, healthful, suitable for all ages and fit into your color scheme.

Good Ventilation

range hood

Keep kitchen air clean with a range hood from Old World Stoneworks

With everybody visiting in the kitchen and all that food cooking, you’ll need fresh air. Also, remember to open the windows. And if you don’t already have a range hood, consider installing one before your next party. Range hoods filter your air as well as suck up smells, heats, smoke and grease particles.

Marking Cups

Why do 10 guests go through 30 cups in a single party? Because the cups all look alike. Avoid the confusion by affixing a pretty piece of wrapping paper to each cup with double-sided tape. Or supply small pieces of paper and let guests draw their own for the day. This means less washing up post-party, or fewer additions to the landfill if you’re using disposable cups.

Have a safe and happy Fourth of July!

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