hamlet mantel shelf

Introducing OWS’ New Line of Accessories

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A few months back, we previewed our upcoming line of accessories. Now we’re proud to announce that our specially selected fireplace accessories are now available to our customers. Accessorize your hearth with our line of beautifully crafted mantel shelves, fire screens, log racks and fire tool sets.


While the word “mantel” is commonly used to describe the structure that surrounds a fireplace – yes, we’re guilty of doing that ourselves — technically it refers solely to the shelf that sits above. Old World Stoneworks’ line of mantel shelves can breathe new style and life into an old mantel surround, without a major remodel. Our new mantels are made of oak, walnut, alder and maple wood, some with metal accents. All are available in 48, 60 and 72-inch widths.

For example, our Hamlet mantel shelf is made of walnut wood with a mahogany finish. For its curved and arched metal work, you can choose silver, black or bronze. It stands 15 inches high and is 10 inches deep. This solid piece of walnut is top quality, weighing in at 44 to 53 pounds, depending on the width you choose.
hamlet mantel shelf


Firescreens do double duty in the home. They help keep the fire in your fireplace, and pets and small children out. Our new firescreens also make your home more stylish. Options range from the simple lines of the Milan to the curlicues of the Baroque, with a host of other styles in between. The new fire screens come in silver, bronze or matte black, and some offer a choice of handle styles.
milan firescreen
Go simple with the Milan…
baroque firescreen
…or fancy with the Baroque.

Fire Tools

Now you can look your best when you toss another log on the fire or poke in some kindling. Our fireplace tools have a black finish – they go directly into the fire, after all – but you can choose a stand finished with bronze, silver or matte black, to match your fire screen.
regal tool set
Our Regal tool set in a bronze stand.

Log Racks

Organization never looked so beautiful. With our log racks, your firewood becomes a work of art. Choose the squared off look of our Milan or the curves of the Scroll.
scroll log rack
The Scroll log rack in silver.

What do you think?

At Old World Stoneworks, we are so excited to share these stylish new fireplace accessories with our customers. We look forward to your feedback.

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